Focus on the Lesson

Let’s talk. I know everyone is thinking, wondering, worrying about the school year ahead, however let’s talk about learning for a few minutes.  How does learning take place? If you are a life-long learner like me, then you probably agree that learning happens ALL the time, in ALL kinds of different places. You might even agree that learning takes place when we’re not even trying to learn something. For example, yesterday I needed a mindful break from moving around, so I chose to go outside in the middle of the afternoon and wash a car, then tend to my garden in the backyard.  First, let me tell you that it was 92 degrees outside, and I CHOSE to go out there! Not so crazy, my body was telling me I needed to sweat but I didn’t feel like doing another virtual workout for the day. Tending to the garden in the middle of the day taught me a few things.

Lesson 1) Walk around the yard and take notice of the bugs, the leaves, the soil.

Lesson 2) Don’t pull up the roots of a plant.

Lesson 2 was my biggest, most significant lesson as an amateur gardener. I mentioned in a previous post that we planted everything from seeds this year. So far, it’s been going pretty well, we have an abundance of lettuce and our tomatoes are coming in nicely.  Zucchini has been a different story.  Which makes me sad. Even makes my husband sad. We love our fresh, garden zucchini. This year the zucchini has struggled. We’ve probably only gotten 4 squash off the plant. I noticed some “rot” around the bottom of the stem yesterday, so I got my clippers and thought I would clip off the  rotten part and try to salvage the plant.  I also pulled up some of the roots.  Well, last night when I went back out to water the garden, I noticed the zucchini plant was completely wilted.  I pulled the roots up. Completely!!! What was I thinking????  Lesson learned, don’t do that!

I know right now so many of us feel like our roots have been pulled up. However, try to look for ways to plant yourself. Ground yourself. Be present. Notice. Wonder. Learning happens in ALL kinds of places. Focus on the lesson, not the mistake.

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Author: Kristen Hahn

Creative and passionate realist. Daughter, Sister, Wife, and Mom. I believe in the power of our mindsets, education, and being the change we wish to see in the world. We do better and find more joy when we embrace our imperfections and speak up about what we want to change.

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