Hindsight is 2020!!!!

A brief interruption to the scheduled postings, don’t worry, I’ll post the last few Lessons learned from our grandparents soon. Right now though I want to say what EVERYBODY wants to say and hear right now! HINDSIGHT IS 2020!!!! If you’re reading this, you have survived! You’re a Survivor! I’m a survivor! We Survived 2020! I look forward to Lauren Tarshish writing about this one, maybe I can even help! If you’re not familiar with the I Survived chapter books series for kids by Lauren, you can check them out here: www.laurentarshis.com

(I don’t personally know her YET, but I do love her writing and how she writes about history in an interesting way, rather than a textbook. **Ms. Tarshish, if you by chance are reading this, I seriously would be honored to help you interview people about 2020!)

Hindsight is 2020! We survived! Now get ready to thrive!

I don’t know about anybody else but these last few weeks of 2020 have been an experience of joy and grief at the same time. I’m allowing myself the grace to feel both. I hope you are too! I’m feeling Joy for the lessons, accomplishments and blessings of 2020. Grief for the loss of my mom, and the loss of normalcy as we knew it before. As I’ve been reflecting on the joys, I’ve also been working on my hopes, dreams, and vision for the new year. Before we get into all of that though, let’s reflect on the Joys.

Here’s MY Top 20 of 2020:

20. New light fixtures throughout our home (It’s amazing, I never thought I could love a light fixture, but these new ones, I do!)

19. New bedroom furniture (Creating your own little rest nook is something everyone needs to do)

18. New walkway in our backyard (I’m so happy to be able to walk out and not step in mud after the rain!)

17. Gardening (The soil, the sun, it’s all I really need!)

16. Enjoying lettuce and tomatoes from our garden all summer

15. Painting inside our house (Color change was necessary after 11 years!)

14. My husband using his hands to build us a beautiful TV console.

13. Celebrating my parents’ 70th birthdays in person. (Mom was in May before she passed. Dad was in November)

12. Hiking with my family

11. Camping with my family

10. Listening to more music

9. Spending 2 weeks with my sister, even though the circumstances were tough when my mom suddenly passed, knowing my big sister was here with me was total comfort!

8. Riding a horse for the first time (And then I went back again and again!)

7. Going to the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree

6. Practicing yoga and sharing it with others.

5. Watching my girl play with her new toys on Christmas morning, spread out, all over the place, batteries not required! (Legos, Blocks, and new doll)

4. Celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with my dad here.

3. More phone conversations with friends and family far away.

2. Wrapping myself in the orange throw blanket that my friend gave me a few years ago, and drinking a cup of tea while reading a book!

1. Learning the art of rest. I’m not a pro YET, but I am enjoying the slower pace and I do plan to take this practice with me going into 2021.

What are your Top 20 of 2020?

I try really hard to focus on the positives, and sometimes that gets tough, tougher than I might show on my face, however when we learn to focus on the abundance we already have in our lives, the best is yet to come!

Go ahead, pick a song to get up and dance right now because you survived 2020!

Celebrate the Good Times!
New Year’s Day! We will be together again!
After midnight, it’s just a good dance song!
Because, this is my girl’s favorite song to dance to right now!

Thank you for reading! I’m focusing on writing more in 2021, and I hope you’ll come back to see what I have to share. OR If you know someone who might enjoy my style, remember sharing is caring!