What’s Next?

Six months ago we went into quarantine. School buildings closed. My husband has been working from home the entire time. My daughter and I have enjoyed our summer break. We are hungry for some kind of routine, I don’t know if what we’ve done this summer could be called routine. Fun, yes. Routine, no. As humans we crave routine. We enjoy knowing what’s coming next. Right now we know it’s time for school, or the traditional school year to begin. Our family has opted to do all virtual learning, and we don’t know exactly how we are going to be two, full-time working parents, trying to homeschool our daughter. We are taking the mindset, “One day at a time.” This is hard for someone like me who is a planner. I’ve worked really hard to become more flexible and to learn to roll with things. Type A people, I know you get this. Here are 5 things that I’ve found help me get perspective on things.

  1. Laugh at yourself: don’t take things so seriously.
  2. Practice Mindfulness Everyday: whether it’s stopping to look in nature, washing dishes, coloring, or getting on the yoga mat and moving with your breath. Slow down and be mindful.
  3. Ask for help when you need it. I’m forever grateful to my quaranTEAM of friends who also live close by. And my parents who are also close by.
  4. Talk to people: You have to get your thoughts out of your head, and connecting in person with real humans always helps. Even from a distance with a mask.
  5. Make peace with the messiness. I had all these organization projects I wanted to get done at home and this summer I did them. Then I moved out of my physical classroom last week to become a virtual teacher, and now I have stuff all over again. I’m making peace with the fact that I will get it all put away, but maybe not all in one day.

So as for knowing what’s coming next, I know that I will go back to work fulltime this week, from home. I know my daughter will learn and grow this year, even if she’s doing virtual school. I know she will have a teacher who loves her. I know my husband will continue to support our family in thousands of ways, especially when I start to question our choices. I know for certain that we have made our choices out of love for all of us. I know that this challenging time is temporary and we will all grow from the experience. I know that a year from now I will sit out back with my quarenTEAM friends and laugh at our mistakes. I know this because I have faith that we are all right where we are meant to be. And yes, when I’m sad and frustrated, and worried, I bring these thoughts back to the forefront of my mind. It is this mindset that helps me keep things in check, keep the negative thoughts from creeping in, and keep on keepin’on!

Thank you for reading, sending you all positive vibes,